March 24, 2021

"The man that came to work on my fireplace was so nice and helpful and did an excellent job fixing the problem. He told me how much it would be and there was never an issue with cost. I would recommend this company to anyone. Excellent customer service!"
March 17, 2021

"Rick and Trish are awesome! I've known them a while now. Good people and they do good work. Rick is very knowledgeable and conscientious. They can take care of just about anything you need."
January 31, 2021

"I had Sunset Takeout a old pellet stove and replace it with a brand new stove . So nice to have something dependable . They did a great job . I would use them again for sure . Thanks Guys . John W"
February 8, 2019

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"I have been working with Sunset Hearth & Stove as a Contractor, they have provided many installations for me, including work at my own house. They are an excellent company to work with, on time, helpful to overcome insurmountable challenges. Their lead installer Chris, is a professional, of impeccable character, cares about the customer, continues his education, to be better the best at his job, very knowledgeable."
January 21, 2019

"Chris and Seth came to install our new pellet stove and they were fantastic! They were on time and very professional, courteous and fun! Sunset was recommended to us and we wanted to buy local, and so glad we did. Sunset~~~~don't ever change!"
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